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“Springfield Spotlights” emerges as Margie’s vibrant initiative, a series where the community’s heartbeat echoes through stirring narratives and local highlights. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences, Margie embodies the role of Springfield’s warm and insightful storyteller.

Join Margie, as she unveils the essence of Springfield through her initiative, blending heartfelt narratives with the dynamic spirit of the city. Each episode is a celebration of the community, presenting a tapestry of shared memories and triumphs that define Springfield. Dive into “Springfield Spotlights”, a hub of authentic storytelling and a tribute to the lively community, lovingly crafted by Margie.

My Story

In the breathtaking expanses of Montana, my career journey took root, marked by determination and a deep-seated passion for community. Beginning straight out of high school, I dedicated 18 resilient years at a telephone company, a role that saw me navigating a strenuous 60-mile commute amid harsh Montana winters.

As the industry gravitated towards the hubs of Denver and Seattle, my professional path transformed. Venturing into computer and cellular sales, I soon established myself as a community-centric retail store owner. The journey then beckoned us to the welcoming embrace of Springfield in 2000, a move that broadened my horizons into the bustling domain of yellow page advertising and ignited a lasting passion for real estate.

Our family narrative then unfolded in Spokane, harmoniously aligned with my husband’s career at Toys R Us, bringing us closer to a vibrant family circle enriched with joyful grandsons.

Reigniting my real estate ambitions in 2019 with eXp, I embraced a special role – guiding families to financial freedom by transforming home equities into abundant sources of wealth. Today, I stand as a devoted beacon of financial liberation, fostering prosperous futures and nurturing dreams into reality, one family at a time.

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