Advantage Merchant Systems – Kim Brown Pacific Northwest Area Manager

Springfield, OR, USA

About Advantage Merchant Systems – Kim Brown Pacific Northwest Area Manager

    Advantage Merchant Systems – Kim Brown Pacific Northwest Area Manager

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    Springfield, OR, USA
    Accept credit cards without paying fees! Keep more of your money in your pocket. Let’s talk.

    Wouldn’t you like an Advantage (or two) in business?

    Every day, you are wasting hard-earned money simply by accepting card payments. We start our process by auditing your current processing and then compare that to our revolutionary systems, tailored specifically to your business.

    We use proven financial strategies designed to meet your specific business needs and give you the competitive advantage.

    Plus, you can count on professional, unbiased recommendations and the face to face support you deserve from our local consultants, whose number one goal is to help you achieve your goals and succeed in business.

    Every business owner wants to earn more revenue and keep more of their profit. Contact us today to eliminate wasteful spending and discover which program your business can qualify for with AMS.

    At AMS your success is our success.

    Advantage Merchant Systems LLC was formed in 2018 with the mission to help business owners drastically lower their credit card processing costs and gain quick access to more of their hard-earned profits and revenues that they need and deserve for their own business’ success. 

    We also help small business owners get access to funding, with our Rapid Financial Reset consulting package, designed to help improve their credit score by over 100 points or more within 6-8 weeks, and then assisting them to obtain funding for their business needs, with our full service funding concierge program.

    We are a 100% U.S. Veteran-owned company.

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    It’s not a mortgage modification or bi-weekly payment plan. It’s a proven system that uses your current income and budget to eliminate your debt and save years of interest payments.

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